Engage08 The Encore

Just back from the inspiring, fabulous Engage 08 Event in Orlando. A huge thanks to Rebecca Grinnals and Kathryn Arce from Engaging Concepts. This event was my first Wedding Industry Specific Symposium. Admittedly I was quite overwhelmed and nervous as I am not a natural networker. I met so many lovely individuals who were nothing but gracious and welcoming. I am really looking forward to the next Engage and have promised myself to be more, well, engaging!

Highlights for me…
Sylvia Weinstock with her trademark glasses. Ms. Weinstock’s honest sense of humor and perfect NY accent were quite intoxicating for me. An engage attendee asked “How do you manage to still answer your own phones?” Ms. Weinstock replied (and I paraphrase) “I love my work and I work all the time!”

Simon T. Bailey is quite an inspiration. Honestly, I’ve never been big on the self help genre but after hearing him inspire and entertain at Engage I have changed my mind!

Just some fun pics…(my name appears a lot in these pics, only because I wanted to show just how detailed and personalized the event was for each attendee)!
Dessert at lunch and some more lovely details.

Randy Fenoli, fashion director at Kleinfeld in NYC and Eda Kalkay, Publicist.
Sylvia Weinstock partnered with Godiva to create these truffles – just delicious!

Kate Spade journal from the fantastic swag bag given to all attendees. Check out Emilie’ post for a great shot of the entire bag.

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