Engage 09: Something Blue, Something Amazing Part II


Laura Hooper created the most darling map and itinerary for the event.  I was excited to pull it out each time I needed a reminder of my schedule!   Michelle Rago’s perfect beachside party favor was an unexpected end to the beach celebration highlighted here.

Rebecca’s famous swag certainly was a hit (check out the swag from Engage08: The Encore).  My bag is now much lighter after sharing the goods with The Momental Girls.  The patent leather white polka dot bag was stuffed with everything from rum cake and aqua pashminas to stunning handcrafted earrings and Cayman native glass sculptures to make us all feel like celebrities!   It was a blast to see the bold polka dot bags scattered throughout the airports as everyone returned home…


I sketched a bit during the speaker sessions.  I take fewer photos but find sketching helps me connect with the information and better remember personalities.  One of my favorite sketches was of Darcy – her presence was super stylish and charming.  I quickly scribbled down a bit of her planning advice for brides ; “Focus on what feels like you verses what you should do.”  Love that!

momental_designs111Marcy Blum is hilarious but also very sharp and bursting with ideas.  Check out her fab yellow shoes in my sketch below!

Iconic cake artist and all around savvy lady Sylvia Weinstock told the inspiring story of how her business began.

Millie Martini-Bratten, Editor in Chief of Brides Magazine presented a compelling look at Brides, past, present and future.


From top left, Millie Martini-Bratten, Sylvia Weinstock, Marcy Blum, Rebecca Grinnals

Some Engage news from around the blogosphere:

Marley, aka The Party Goddess was a blast and always ready with pointed questions for each speaker.  Read here for more about her question for Darcy Miller…

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Bee Kim was busy live blogging throughout the event

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Thayer Gowdy captuired stunning shots of a quieter Cayman not to be missed!

Donna Von Bruening’s slideshow is the perfect finish….

Believe it or not there is still more to come!  Check in next week for a look at the final Engage 09 celebration!