Custom Cake Plates from Paloma's Nest!

I admire artists who continue to innovate again and again.  Caroline from Paloma’s Nest is one of those artists whose work is always evolving.  She listens to her fans and responds so when I got wind of the newest addition to her collection I just had to share.

From Caroline herself:

I am excited to show you our newest custom design: wedding cake plates. We have received many requests over the years for an heirloom-quality dessert plate in our signature style, especially for newlyweds to share their first bites of wedding cake on. We are thrilled to finally debut these plates, available individually or in a set of two, custom stamped with the couple’s names and wedding date. They are the perfect way to commemorate the wedding day and to celebrate anniversaries, whether the first year, or the fiftieth!


So enjoy everyone!  We love Caroline and her work.  Her handcrafted pieces wow us every time with their pure heart and simple grace.  Lovingly made by wonderful people, Paloma’s Nest pieces are authentic expression at its finest.