After two decades of designing countless invitations, our team has run the gamut when it comes to stationery trends.  As artists we too develop new styles and our discerning taste changes; we fully embrace this evolution.  However, there are some designs we have created through the years that we are just not ready to file away in the archives forever.  So we give you The Vault, our most treasured designs that were integral in making our business and our team what it is today.


Paisley Vintage Patterns

Some patterns here are on a grand scale with sweeping, graceful lines, while others are equally impressive but in curious moments and refined personality.  Artwork in this Paisley Patterns Wedding Invitation Collection is developed from a decades old wooden stamp leaving individual impressions on each invitation that instantly beguile the viewer.  Texture can be felt […]


Poppies, Petals and Posies Vintage Patterns

Soft and sweet or bold and geometric, take your pick with these classic Vintage Patterns from Kristy’s collection.  Whether finished with soft gradients of watercolor, like the Bohemian Poppy Wedding Invitation Pattern, or bold, creamy acrylic moments, these patterns’ texture and tone speak of history, authenticity and an undoubted turn of the hand. Poppy flowers […]


Expressive Lacy Trees

Every season since the Signature Lacy Tree was born, brides have infused intricate foliage with their own colors and personalized the imagery with winding paths, waterfalls, distant cityscapes, and cherished pets. For the couples who fall in love with the Lacy Tree but want more details, Kristy has created the Watercolor Tree Wedding Invitations Collection […]


Signature Lacy Trees

Classic and simple, the Signature Lacy Tree collection invokes a vintage feel with its sketchy, whimsical lines and dashes of color. Our Romantic Tree Wedding Invitations were originally inspired by a couple in 2006, from New Paltz, New York. As organic farmers, they grew the flowers for their own wedding bouquets and did indeed marry […]


Wonderful Collection

Alice in Wonderland Wedding Invitations require a bit of nonsense and a lot of curiosity.  Watercolor interpretations of iconic scenes speak of whimsy, joy and fantastical fun. Kristy’s painted details only add to the party! No character from this beloved story has been left behind in this enchanting watercolor wedding invitation collection.  Create a magical […]


Lotus Vintage Pattern

The lotus is a timeless image of tranquility and spirit. Born underneath the water, this flower grows toward the light, emerging as a bright, beautiful symbol of life. Kristy’s Lotus pattern combines the powerful shape of this blossom with elegant leaves, creating a luminescent vision sure to enlighten. Our Watercolor Lotus Wedding Invitations straddle the […]


Lacy Leaves Vintage Pattern

Delicate, Romantic Wedding Invitations…the Lacy Leaves collection features a fine and intricate leaf design that is the more subtle sister pattern of our signature Lacy. Lofty pom-pom blooms and sweet daisies throughout keep the look lighthearted and versatile enough for the garden or the ballroom. We especially adore the Lacy Leaves pattern atop a richly […]


Lacy Vintage Pattern

The first of the Vintage patterns Kristy ever developed and quite possibly her favorite, these Delicate Watercolor Wedding Invitations are those our couples come back to, time and time again.  Delicate branches, simply petaled blooms and sweet leaves mingle in this effortlessly romantic pattern.  Derived from a hand carved wooden stamp, the impression made is […]


Opulent Swirls Vintage Pattern

Luscious and full, the sweeping lines of the Opulent Swirls Hand Painted Wedding Invitation collection quickly capture the eye and enchant with every graceful detail. Momental’s Vintage Orchids design inspires visions of brilliant flowers one minute and butterflies the next. With the flip of a paintbrush this chameleon-like pattern becomes a bit of magic on […]


Versailles Swirls

Inspired by an aerial view of the Versailles Gardens, this regal option is intricate and eye-catching alone but over the top gorgeous when paired with Kristy’s Sculpted or Painted Blooms.  Sweeping swirls, feathery flourishes and stately leaf-work epitomize this signature Versailles Swirls Wedding Invitations Collection.


Painted Swirls

Softer and a smidge more understated than its sister collection, the Painted Swirls artwork elements bring to mind the sweeping boughs of an olive branch or the lacy fronds of a fern.  Bold lines are replaced with whispery brushstrokes and contrasting color palettes are swapped for low contrast color pairings.


Brocades and Damasks

The ornately patterned fabrics of Venice, Macramae and other curious textures inspire the Brocades and Damasks collection. Kristy illustrates custom patterns to adorn and enliven any stationery suite and takes the look to the next level, with impeccable painting and lustrous washes of color.