Invitation Collection

Far & Away Destinations

Over the years our team has illustrated so many locations around the world, it is always so exciting!  We have curated collections of some of our most requested destination wedding locations that have captured the hearts of so many couples that they decided to travel the globe to exchange vows. 

Watercolor Chateau Challain France Destination Wedding Invitations

France Wedding Invitations

France has stolen our hearts as our team has been asked to illustrate its beautiful countrysides, chateaus, and castles, having the delight of discovering the undeniable beauty it beholds.  Each stationery piece we createl exudes the whimsy, romance and elegance this magical country embodies.

Italy Destination Wedding Invitations Sicily

Italy Wedding Invitations

Ciao Bella! Italy destination wedding invitations are one of our specialties here at Momental! Italy has been captivating our couples and drawing them to every region of the country to celebrate their love and exchange vows. Our team has illustrated our way through the countryside of Tuscany and the breathtaking views of the Amalfi Coast. […]

Illustrated Santorini Greece Destination Wedding Invitations

Greece Wedding Invitations

Greece, a country with a vast wealth of history and tradition, it is absolutely alluring to couples looking for an unforgettable destination wedding.  Cool shades of blue indicative of azure waters and breath-taking views are a keystone of the illustrations we create.  Consider adding an evil eye charm to keep only positive energy flowing!

Island Wedding Invitations

Caribbean and Mexico Wedding Invitations

Whether it is a gorgeous watercolor landscape or tile-inspired pattern, we love it when our couples get married south of the border! Mexico has become quite a hot spot for destination weddings offering world-famous beaches and cities steeped in rich culture. Our team has created a collection of designs that highlights all the mesmerizing beauty […]