Behind the Scenes – Artist in Bloom, Flower Magazine Winter 2011

So thrilled to finally share a behind the scenes look at our recent features in Flower Magazine!  Last summer a message in my inbox turned a good day into an amazing one.  Liz from the magazine got in touch to invite me on as their Artist in Bloom for the winter 2011 issue.  My heart jumped…I could barley contain my excitement.  After receiving a complimentary subscription the season before and diving deep into every issue since then, the prospect of being featured on the pages of this magazine floored me.

Soon I was busy with a flurry of plans for a photoshoot with friend Daniel Lanton.  The studio needed some sprucing and well let’s be honest I am always open to posing for some new headshots.  One balmy day in early fall of 2010 Daniel visited our studio and spent the afternoon with the Momental crew.

Elizabeth interviewed me for the story.  Her most thought provoking questions were impressive.  She wanted to learn about our process, techniques and inspirations.  The finished piece Elizabeth penned was evident of a sincere interest in the work we create at the studio.  Well considered questions and a keen ability to listen resulted in a story I cherish, told for me by Elizabeth.  I thank you.  The words which I feel get right to the heart of what we do here were these:

“Rice’s role as an artist is two fold.  She has her own voice, but she also paints with the style and vision of her client in mind.  For Rice to be an authentic conduit for this collaboration, she embodies the role of interpreter, narrator, and friend.  She uses an entirely separate set of skills thank her brushes and paint: intuition, empathy and a sort of interpersonal reverence…Every piece of Rice’s work is touched by the hand or brush of an artist.  It is a difference your fingers can literally feel.  Each piece holds unique variances, and there is an honest, human touch…not just Rice’s, but her clients’ as well.”

A never before seen shot from our Flower Magazine shoot.  The Momental Girls are an integral part, essential part really of this process we call ours.  Without them, Momental could not be.  Over the years good friends and strangers became confidants and fellow artists.  Our clients love the work we do here because of the work the Momental Girls do every day.  Thanks ladies. XOXO