Behind the Scenes – A Warehouse Foodie Wedding Shower on Green Wedding Shoes

A Momental Girl foodie gets married, so what do I do?  Throw her an un-shower, wedding shower in the middle of a warehouse….Jess wasn’t your typical bride, but who is a typical bride these days anyway?  I guess what I mean to say is that Jess wouldn’t go for anything pink, girly, lacy or sweet.  She is rough around her creative edges, insatiably spontaneous and a fellow artist.  I had to dig deep into what I knew a wedding shower to be and then attempt to turn that thinking completely upside down.

It all began with this pattern, one of Jess’s favorite I’d done recently.  Color though would mostly be reserved for the stationery…

My first call was to Maggie and Jason of Maggpie Vintage Rentals.  How lucky am I to have one of the foremost vintage rental companies in my backyard.  Since they moved into their new warehouse, I’d been dying to make a party there…I had to wait no more…

Maggie’s talents go far beyond collecting vintage goodies and spread into styling and design, so I let her go to it!  She planned a space for dining, lounging, sweets and even a pretty entrance to welcome each of our 18 guests that day.

Next… the food.  Pat Greenfield is a genius cook and food stylist and brought a distinct feeling of welcome to our table for the day.  The menu from start to finish was full of color, flavor of course and the ever powerful element of surprise!  The food was our floral for the day and meant to be the table’s centerpiece in both form and function.

Three courses, starting with a sculpted blue cheese pear, fresh fig and fruit plate, heirloom tomato salad with green goddess drizzle, vegetable tartlets, soy noodles with red pepper, peas and chile and seared scallops with red beet coulis….ah-mazing to see, ah-mazing to savor.

Jason is the wood working genius behind Maggpie Vintage and has taken to crafting farm tables and most recently these hefty cafe tables from scratch.  Assembled in an eclectic format to conjure a sense of closeness and inspire conversation over a meal, these small tables were the true personality of this wedding shower.  Stretched down the middle was an elevated bench that I covered in a messy, dark watercolor, salt sprinkled, painted runner.  By the way, salt in wet watercolor creates the prettiest bursts of texture when dry!

Jasmine of The Couture Cakery created an eclectic sweets table for us to feast on!  The main cake was a dream of sage peony blooms and ruffly textures.  A lemon meringue cake was set nearby, the flavors of which I still dream about.  Cupcakes, macaroons, Jess’s favorite flan were all styled atop ribbon spools, Spanish cigar boxes and pretty glassware with none other than the warehouse forklift as a backdrop!


A little handwriting atop deeply saturated watercolor inks looked so dramatic against the brights of the sweets display!  Kyrsten from The Couture Cakery created this artful trio of cookies that were most certainly too beautiful to eat!

Hand crafted notebooks for each guest with a studio favorite…the “Le Pen”.

Each invite was sent in a small rounded box.  “Let’s eat and drink for she is getting married” greeted each guest…how fitting for the day.

I have so much adoration for this team and will remember the day fondly.  It was a celebration of good and new friends, rich flavors –  all as colorful as the Bride’s personality!  XO

Photography – Jillian McGrath Photography :: Styling, Venue + Tables – Maggpie Vintage ::  Event Concept, Styling + Paper Goods – Momental Designs ::  Coordination – Danielle Pasternak (Events) ::  Catering – Grico’s Restaurant ::  Desserts – The Couture Cakery ::  French Macaroons – Rice & Noodles ::  Designer Cookies – Kyrsten Willets