Artful Admirations – Danny Roberts of Igor and André

While flipping through the latest copy of Elle Magazine several weeks ago, a small but striking illustration caught my eye.  A woman’s face with a haunting expression jumped from the page.  I had to know more as the small paragraph of information included wasn’t nearly enough.  I hopped online to find Igor and André, a blog just full of these gorgeous illustrations.


Danny Roberts is the artistic genius behind the work that I have been poring over.   Danny calls himself an Artist/Thinker and is only 24!  His work has been published worldwide.  The subject matter?  Models and figures primarily.  Seen below is Daniel himself and a self -portrait.


I recently asked Danny to share some of his inspiration.  Danny sent over several recent images from his inspiration file.


It is very difficult for me to decide on a favorite.  Danny’s Blogger Portrait Series is divine.  As a way to say thank you to bloggers who inspire him, Danny began creating portraits of each blogger he favored.  Perhaps he would create my portrait if I smile really nice and say pleaaassse (just kidding)!


So, grab a cup of coffee, set aside some time and prepare to be amazed.  Whether your artistic tastes draw you to the classics or post modern you will, I am sure be intrigued by Danny’s work.  It is hard not to get lost in the inventive use of undulating line and smoky, dreamy, creamy color.   Rock on Danny.