Artful Admirations – Betsy Dunlap Calligraphy

Every once in a while I connect with an artist’s creation.  Whether it be a specific placement of a brushstroke or a mindful way a line is drawn – the smallest detail can spark a huge response.  Discovering Betsy Dunlap‘s artful calligraphy style elicited such a response. I was instantly captivated by the energy in her hand-drawn letters – how certain styles simply danced across the page.  Officially introduced to Betsy’s work when the new Brooklyn Bride site was launched, I was hooked and a fan for life.



I discovered this particular style and knew immediately it would be perfect for our renewal save the dates.  I love how the overall composition  and line weight seem to mimic the jagged landscape of my  Zion Canyon illustration.


So thank you Betsy for your artistry.  Thank you for giving us a new perspective on lettering and treating each letter as fresh subject matter inspiring the art you create everyday.  I so look forward to working with you!