An Artful Life – New look, new photos!

The day I have been waiting for, losing sleep over and after hours prepping for is finally complete! Shane East lugged his gear to the studio and set up a traveling photo studio to capture nearly 1500 shots just in the first day(more to come on Thursday). The studio was a mess of paper, paint and flower pieces being tossed/placed here and there to create the perfect environment for our invites. To experience these collections come to life on camera was quite exhilarating. I can hardly wait for the new website launch in only 3 weeks!

Each collection was “organized” onto a board for easy access during the shoot. 

Jessica’ s posing for an artwork shot. Her hands are so much prettier than mine!
Fresh flowers are always a part of my photos – this lovely Iris was in it’s prime today.
Raffit Ribbons vintage spools proved to be the perfect detail in several shots.
Check in later this week for a sneak peek at my newest collections! Tomorrow Kelley, Jan and I are off to Blogging Bootcamp with the amazing Liene Stevens – NYC here we come…again!
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