An Artful Life – My love, our life, the story…

Today is THE day.  Even though we are preparing for a flurry of celebrations over the next few weeks, today is the real day to celebrate.  10 years ago today two kids embarked on the adventure of their lives.  Adam and I said I DO, to what has been a crazy ride…one that I never want to get off of.

Yes, it is true, we were high school sweethearts…enter the ahh’s…:)

Me in red, some not-so-good lookin’ fake nails and him, with those glasses, agh!  But we were in love and somehow knew, even then, we would be seeing a lot more of eachother for a long time to come.  Check out that boutonniere…purple irises, pretty adventurous for a 1995 prom, right?

We dated all through college…I followed him to Penn State Main Campus…me – followed?  Yes, it is true.  What we will do for love….

Adam popped the question in 1998.  On one knee with The Engagement Mary’s Moo Moo figurine in hand he said he had found the one…

I launched into a full blown wedding planning frenzy and unknowingly planted the business seeds that grew into what Momental is today.  Just some of our handcrafted pre-Momental wedding stationery is pictured above.  Don’t look too close though, admittedly this was before our craftsmanship was impeccable.  My how far we have come!  I remember falling in love with the Martha Stewart Weddinga Magazine, never dreaming I would one day meet the fabulous Darcy Miller!  I was a subscriber then and still am now.  How about those adorable “for your tears of joy” tissue packs? Adam thought I was nuts to make those the week before our wedding but nonetheless, stayed up one night to help me stuff them!

Yellowstone National Park

From the beginning travel was a huge part of our relationship and will always be.  From a week long drive to Florida in our teens to our hikes in Utah as thirty-somethings, we wander together and make life about discovering what the world has in store for us...together.

With just about a week until we renew our vows, amidst the flurry of to-do lists and stress of preparing The Momental Girls for my absence in the studio, I need to take a moment.  Adam and I both chatted with our lovely Pastor yesterday as she is putting the final touches on our ceremony in Zion.  “What do you want to tell him, after 10 years?” The words that came to mind were thank you, thank you, thank you.  Thank you for being my true and real partner in life, my rock.  I love you.