An Artful Life – Grandma's Kris Kringle Anise Cookies

It seems I can find inspiration anywhere.  Yesterday was the annual anise cookie making day.  Each year Mom and I dedicate an entire day to creating dozens and dozens of cutout cookies laced with anise oil.  Each cookie is then iced – no small task but a tradition I look forward to each Holiday season.


In addition to the many cookie cutters passed down from my Grandmother, my Mom collects vintage cutters.  The red handled star is one of my favs.  We pick up decorating sugars from just about everywhere, the rainbow flakes from William’s Sonoma look fantastic on white sugar icing.


This year I decided to actually paint the icing on certain cookies.  Honestly, it was a lot like watercolor painting, wet on wet, where all the colors swirl into one another!  Thanks Mom for another amazing year!