An Artful Life – A Momental Celebration Part II



To continue from 2 weeks ago as promised….

After our spa afternoon I surprised everyone with dinner at Ruth’s Chris. I had been frantically planning this very small, but very detailed evening for weeks and worked very closely with the fabulous Dominick to ensure every detail was just perfect. I wanted everyone to experience a bit of luxury and detail.

I arranged for a signature cocktail which I named the “Momentaltini”- a blend of Effen Black Cherry Vodka, fresh lime and cranberry juice (YUM). The centerpiece by Kristen’s Floral featured orchids and bamboo for a eclectic, dynamic feel. A copy of the Spring/Summer KNOT, satin pull thank you note and fuchsia satin wrapped favor box were placed at each setting.

Cathy from Truly Scrumptious Cakes created this very Momental cake as a gift of congratulations and I cannot say thank you enough. The raspberry chocolate ganache filling was simply delicious.

Overall the day of celebration was quite magical – I am blessed with an amazing team and look forward to many more adventures with the Momental Girls!

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