A Peek into the Studio – Who We Are and What We Do

So maybe your visit to the blog today is a first or perhaps one of many…to both I say thank you, thank you.  Writing this blog is a sort of catharsis for me and a way to journal the studio happenings but in a personal way.  I write this blog, no one else.  The words are all mine, however imperfect and sometimes typo filled they may be – they are mine. This studio, where we paint our days away until our fingers ache was built from literally nothing but a dream at a dining room table.  Tremendous heart and a daily conscientious approach to art and life and each piece that passes through our fingers is what Momental Designs is all about.  I wanted to take today to let you step a bit deeper inside our work, beyond the words on this blog and even beyond the pretty photos I post every week.  I invite you into the studio to take a peek at who we really are and what really happens when we’re making art and invitations come to life.

Your Story is Art Painted Beautifully from Kristy Rice on Vimeo.