A Peek into the Studio – Website Artwork for Love 'n Fresh Flowers

How appropriate that today is Valentine’s Day.  I have a sweet project to share for the aptly named Jennie Love of Love ‘n Fresh Flowers.  A Philadelphia based floral artist who creates with only seasonal blooms that are locally grown…now that’s love, right?

Jennie came to us looking for that certain something to give her site an artistic spin and a bit of wow…She wanted our version of botanically accurate watercolor sketches to include Latin flower names and loads of texture.  We began with her home page and created a full scale painting of the Dahlia.


A sense of process was at the forefront of the artwork development where Jennie wanted viewers to experience the look but really seeing the parts.  Obvious pencil marks, spatters of paint, drips of watercolor and an even present watercolor paper texture all were a means to that end.


Next we moved on to four additional paintings for the Seasonal galleries…  The idea was to illustrate 4 types of blooms for each season as if they were simply lying on a flat surface.  The style of painting here was much softer than the homepage but still with a distinct sense of process.


My favorite to capture here was the ranunculus…




Oh those blackberries!! I’m a sucker for berries in bouquets so I thought this was the perfect depiction of summer…


Clematis has such a lovely twisting quality that is pure joy to paint.



Huge thanks to Jennie for bringing me on board and giving me the opportunity to stretch my botanical painting muscle! XO