A Peek into the Studio – Authentic Watercolor Wedding Invitations

Putting brush to invitation paper again an again multiplied by 100, 200 or 25, whatever the number may be on a given studio day, gives my soul peace and a promise of our continued authenticity in this whirlwind world of easily printed, poorly manufactured, appropriated and remodeled goods. 

Kristy Rice – Neon Pink Watercolor Story from Kristy Rice on Vimeo by Birdhouse Productions

I first experienced watercolor at about age 5.  Someone gifted me a plastic case full of crayola pans of watercolor pigments.  Somehow I recall being confused and interested at how the hard, colorful material could turn into paint as my Mom explained.  A touch of water onto the solid bursts of color made magic and in that moment I was hooked.  Soon I learned that if you let a puddle of water rest atop the cake of solid pigment for a time that an even more vibrant and spectacular saturation of paint color would reveal itself, ready to be applied to paper and imagine all it’s juicy wonder with a swoosh of a brushstroke.

So to that end I fell in love and to this day am amazed at how my heart can skip a beat at the sight of that same Crayola set of watercolors – which are surprisingly full of pigment but of course not as much as the professional watercolors I’ve been using since middle school.  I digress.

A watercolorist needs patience but also spontaneity and that ever alluring ability to simply go with the flow.  Watercolor can be controlled to a point, but the minute you hold a wet brush full of pigment and begin brushing onto a wet piece of paper you know there is no one in control but your heart and the elements.  You cannot reason watercolor – it will surprise you again and again.

momental_designs171With Love and Embers

Watercolor is instinct and the heartbeat of my life.  With the flick of a brush and a touch of water, my mood can instantly come alive.  It is the simplest of moments and the most complex at the same time.

momental_designs172With Love and Embers

Where the pigment begins to dry in slightly darker tones against the soft ombre of it’s sister color…that is joy.

momental_designs176With Love and Embers

Watercolor has so many faces I’ve reveled in learning over the years…thicker applications, shimmery additives…watercolor is always changing its ways and never leaves me uninspired.

momental_designs180 Swoon Over It Photography

Watercolor have saved me time and time again because I know God has called me to this purpose on earth.  I recall in college my painting professor despised watercolor and forced me to paint oil for an entire semester.  I’m grateful for the experience as it solidified my belief in the medium as so much more than what many believe to be a sketching medium.  Oddly enough watercolor is so much more unforgiving and permanent that most other painting mediums.  Oil paint takes weeks to cure, so you can scrape away a mistake and paint atop.  Watercolor pursues your instinct and begs for mindful brushstroke again and again.  There is no redo in watercolor, only try again. 

momental_designs183With Love and Embers

momental_designs184With Love and Embers

So I will forge on along with the Momental Girls in this watercolor movement.  I will continue to encourage and hopefully inspire a continued respect for this medium through authentic, sincere painting.  Momental Wedding  invitations will continue to be a living canvas for our watercolor hearts.

momental_designs181Lindsay Docherty Photography