A Peek into the Studio: Renewal in Zion, Party in PA

So to give you an update on the renewal plans I though I would share a sneak peek at the ceremony invitations that just went out to guests!  If you remember our plans include a ceremony and small celebration in Zion National Park in May with a big party to follow two weeks later in PA.  Needless to say I have my planning work cut out for me as we are only 2 months away!!!  Thank goodness for my Mom as she has been making phone calls, scheduling appointments and basically keeping me sane.  Thanks Mom!

The save the dates went out before the holidays and were a big hit with our friends and family.   I wanted to follow up with a more colorful, typically “Kristy” style watercolor from one of our many trips to Zion.  Being inspired by my own clients like Brittany and Rebecca, I decided to created a similar style painted landscape invitation.

Of course, Betsy Dunlap’s  edgy script originally penned for our sae the date envelope back flaps needed to be included.  Betsy created a printable file of our return address and names so I was able to get creative with a bit of Photoshop love to use throughout this invitation set.

Over the years, after working with so many destination wedding clients I knew just what to include on our response card.  Destination celebrations are just as much about your guests as they are about you…like it or not 🙂  The response card is the perfect place to take a bit of extra time to find out what your guests may need.  For a small celebration dinner, special dietary requirements requests are a very personal touch I think.  Tentative arrival and departure dates will help us arrange for welcome gifts and transportation too!

So what else am I up to?

Just made a cake tasting appointment for next week (while in NYC for this) with Ms. Sylvia Weinstock.  All I can say is holy cow!  My first wedding cake was a struggle to say the least so I knew the renewal cake had to be amazing.  I will definitely be blogging about my experiences so stay tuned!  Being that the appointment is in the middle of the week, neither the hubby or Mom can go so I am on my own!

Gearing up to create the party in PA invitations using a vintage collection of Zane Gray novels found at a local antique dealer.  I purchased 65 books for about $50.00…this is going to be a blast!

Getting really excited for some amazing client projects coming up…just take a look at our Muddy Brushes gallery, it is brimming with handmade wedding invitation goodness!