A Peek into the Studio – Painted Wood and Watercolors

When I first met Heather I instantly knew she was the  perfect client.  With a love for watercolors and a heart for travel, we had so much to draw from when sitting down to design for her wedding.  Heather’s celebration unfolded near the ocean so we created a suite of artwork to communicate their love ocean air and sandy travel.  First was an abstract ocean pattern meant to be free hand painted on wood blocks.

Subtle watercolor textures on various signs in addition to a sketch of the Santa Monica Pier on each menu continued the seaside vibe.

Each menu featured subtle blue hand painted brushstrokes to highlight our breezy sketch.

Table names were designed after Heather and Scott’s extensive travels.  Eloquent descriptions of place were paired with watercolor paintings of everything from picturesque landscapes to exotic critters.

Freshly painted watercolor stripes…

Thanks for following along, enjoy!