A Peek into the Studio – Landscapes and roses.

This time of year at the studio is insane to say the least, the good type of insane that keeps you creative and full of ideas, though.  With many orders leaving the studio each day it is so difficult to choose our favorites but inevitably certain painting techniques or color palettes really draw us in!

We have been creating a new invitation  style at the studio lately lovingly titled the Painted Landscape.  Originally inspired by Tonya’s design, many brides have followed suit requesting lush watercolor illustrations to literally fill the invitation space, where wording become secondary.  The girls had a blast with Rebecca’s invites last week as they are especially fun to hand paint!


Mary Lou’s contrast painted invites and now day of accessories have inspired quite a few brides recently just as the Live Oak has become a favorite wedding invitation artwork choice especially for southern weddings!

So, what am I up to?

Heading off to Austin this week for a top secret project with Caroline from Paloma’s Nest and other friends.  If you would like to follow our adventures just search #Austinshoot on Twitter!


Reeling from a fabulous collaboration with Jen from Green Wedding Shoes and planning the behind the scenes post to post soon!