A Peek into the Studio – Hibiscus, Swirls and Winter Jasmine

The past week in the studio was quieter than some others recently.  No travel for me and a lot of great conversations with new clients in anticipation of exciting projects to come.  I have been busy at work on these, which need to get in the mail tomorrow!  The studio is abuzz with excitement about the coming Holidays and Kelley and I are already listening to our favorite Holiday tunes!  I just LOVE this time of year.

Claire has promised to send photos of her wedding coming up in early December.  We are so excited to see the pieces created for her in action!  Winter jasmine contrast painted in white and olive green can be seen throughout her stationery collection.  As a precious favor to her guests, Claire plans to give evergreen plants with our custom plant stake placed in each.  Custom wedding programs and table numbers on shimmering cardstocks will surely shine (no pun intended) during her wedding.  Don’t you just love the way satin ribbon looks tied into the perfect knot?


Kelly’s wedding coming up soon in Malaysia will certainly be bold and striking.  Our new vintage swirl pattern mimics the look of a big, bold orchid.  Sweeping brushstrokes of aqua and fuchsia really make this dynamic look come alive.


Everyone in the studio is in love with Sarah’s coral magnolia.  My original watercolor painting was perfected by Jess with hand-painted flourishes in creamy coral inks.

So what am I up to?

Planning a fabulous yet top secret project with Caroline from Palomas Nest and Bonnie Tsang this coming March.  So excited for my first “real” trip to Austin, TX!

Counting the days until I can see New Moon… Wishpot is excited too, check out their giveaway!

Been enjoying this Vintage California Wedding over at Once Wed.  Parts II and III are my favs!  Definitely check out the “Today was a Good Day” signature board.  Perfect.