A Peek into the Studio – Eventology, Painted Letterpress & Shells

It has been quite an eclectic time at the studio.  A lavish and meticulously painted letterpress invitation for Krystle was the centerpiece of last week’s schedule.  We labored over the juicy fuchsia strokes and light pink washes of color on each invitation.  There is something though, about getting lost in creating a lovely stroke.  The simple act of putting brush to paper, repeatedly, can be cathartic and rhythmic and just plain good for the soul.

Jess and I wrapped up the pieces for#Eventology happening in Indy as we speak!  A contrast painted magnolia was Katasha’s choice and looked stunning against the papers sponsored by my friends at Envelopments!  Chris’s breezy and textured wedding invitations featuring an original shell wreath illustration, captured all our hearts this week.  To the beach anyone?

A close-up look at Krystle’s collection inspired originally by Saakshi’s.  How are excited are we to create her reception stationery?  We will work very closely with planner Carolyn from The Special Day to ensure a lovely flow from invitations to day of creations.  Carolyn’s events speak of nothing but grace and sophistication and we are honored to have our stationery help bring this event to life!

So what am I up to?

Knee-deep in renewal planning…I can hardly believe the ceremony in Utah is only 3 weeks away!

Getting pumped for Engage 10 in the Caymans plus a tablescape shoot there designed by myself with some help from the fabulous Lindsey of FreshLIME Events!

Drooling over Clara French’s work I discovered on the Palomas Nest Blog…