A Peek into the Studio – The Custom Invitation Process Revealed

We are custom, highly custom, bespoke, crazy-whatever-our-bride-wants kind of custom.  That is who we are and always have been.  I always say “we are artists first but all this beauty takes a lot of structure and organization”.  So I thought it could be fun to give you a peek into the process that happens behind the scenes on EVERY SINGLE project we ship.  That’s right, no excuses, no exceptions…

After all the months of designing, debating and perfecting of a couple’s handmade wedding invitation design each Momental invitation begins with our checklist. This simple sheet of paper essentially dictates a process of checking and re-checking every aspect of an order from start to finish!

We are known for our lavishly layered and beautifully embellished invitations so assembly of these pretty details is quite involved.  Each element whether ribbon, rhinestone buckle or a layer of paper is individually inspected for quality and precision.  We always have +10% of any item on hand as I have been known to thrown out any piece that is not just so!

Every last invitation is hand painted.  You heard it right, individually hand painted.  That is why we call the Momental Girls, Invitation Artists.  A rigorous training period is experienced by all who work with us, learning the nuances of paint thickness and finish as well as how to hold a brush to create the perfect stroke of painted color.

Our many paper layers are first hand cut on precision trimmers for the ultimate in accuracy and then adhered to one another by (you guessed it) hand!

Every Momental Invitation is created with love.  Love from a couple whose design ideas are at the heart of the look and love from a team who are truly passionate about the work they do.  Nothing at the Momental studio is cookie cutter or mass produced.  The words ready-made are not in our vocabulary.  From the first time I chat with a new Bride I find it difficult to contain my excitement.  My first talk with Kimberly, whose invitation design is featured throughout this post was filled with this same excitement.  Swirling vines and painted dots were all I could think about as she explained her vision for the invitations.



A big thanks to Kimberly for letting me always be as creative as I wanted.  XOXO