A Peek into the Studio – Classic Fall with a Momental Twist

As I browse the completed photos from the last week  I was surprised to a reoccurring muted palette.  I am a fan of color and tend to infuse some intense shades into every piece I create – or so I thought!  I must admit my new (and apparent) fondness of the classic fall wedding colors is obvious from the varied use of gold, brown, champagne and ivory.  From left to right, Marianne’s brown paisley gatefold featuring a shades of pink Vintage Lace Tree, Jennifer’s hand-brawn frame illustration with hand-painted details in gold and burgundy and Andrea’s simple but chic letterpress with hand-painted  dots and swirls.



Loving Angela’s  palette of black, champagne, ivory and a touch of coral (so thrilled to see coral making a comback).

momental_designs887Carolyn’s illustrated frame invitation x 600 last week was quite a feat to accomplish.  The sheer gold hand-painted swirls took hours, literally,  to complete but so worth the effort.  There is something so magical about a gracefully painted swirl!