A Peek into the Studio – Cape May, West Virginia and NYC Bound

The end of September into October always mean a lot of travel for me.  We start with my birthday, then the hubby’s and of course 4 days in NYC for Bridal Market.  Before I know it each, year October comes and goes in a blink.   So today’s post is my attempt to slow things down, just a smidge….

Mom and Dad treated the Hubby and I to a weekend in Cape May to celebrate our Birthdays.  Beginning with a horse carriage tour of this iconic seaside town and ending with a glorious sunset, I couldn’t have imagined a more relaxing time. I found a few more amazing late 1800’s books to add to my collection too…

This past weekend it was time to visit family in West Virginia.  My cousins live on an 80 acre farm.  There was a certain warmth in this place, even though the air felt freezing.  We built bonfires, ate peanut soup (yes, peanut soup and I have the amazing recipe), picked persimmons fresh and ate them until our lips stuck together.  We tried to pick the famous Appalachian bananas, called Paw-Paws but none were to be found.  Good, good times.

A bit from this weekend from left: Proof that the Momental Girls have been friends for a very long time.  Check our Kelley and Jess D. circa 1994.  Nice.  Stephanie and Raymond were married this weekend.  I am smitten with their Vintage Lacy Stationery in shades of blue, red and navy…so simply gorgeous.  I’m headed to Utah in early November and will be shooting with Sepia as my muse.  Lastly the Hubby found this cool machinist chest filled with treasures.  We spent last night cleaning out each drawer and marveling over the incredible tools all monogrammed with the owner’s initials.

This week we are amidst an epic painting project that will take 6 of us until Thursday to complete (hopefully)!!! Pretty blooms sketched and then letterpress printed in gray.  Mingle that with gold foil swirls and flower centers and you have a little bit of amazing!

Have an amazing week everyone!!