A Peek into the Studio – Bossa 2013 and a Giveaway!

So if you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed I’m a bit obsessed with one little word lately.  I made it my mission in 2013 to inspire myself and hopefully others along the way to live with Bossa.  I fell in love with this word a few years ago, and you can read all about it here.
An excerpt from my post two years ago:

“Bossa happens (and thank you Wikipedia for finally giving me a description for this) when all the right moments collide in a design.  Bossa happens when your mind AND your heart are in harmony.  The perfect brushstroke combines with an effortless sketch and a complimentary paper and in one simple breath you are holding a small piece of yourself that speaks in the simplest way possible of the sweetest emotions there are in this world.  I am grateful everyday that I have found a way to express for myself and my couples these essential emotions.  It is at the same time simple and the most complex.”


At the beginning of this year I was searching for something, a bit of purpose and direction and somehow found my way back to the very first Bossa post.  It energized me and inspired my #bossa2013 series on Instagram.  So everyday I call out something Bossa.  Some days it is a simple brushstroke, others it is quote from a industry friend and often I call out a particular individual who I believe is living with Bossa.  Through this process I am finding more joy and becoming increasingly grateful for those who inspire me and others.  Through this process I’m becoming more keenly aware of what I need in this life to thrive and be the best version of myself.  Through this process I’m learning what needs my focus and what takes away from my vision.

Since we missed the boat on Holiday cards in 2012, I decided to send a Bossa mailing to industry friends.  We crafted nearly 200 notebooks featuring some pretty floral artwork, a drawing lesson and of course more about our Bossa message in addition to ‘lots of blank space for brainstorming.   Since then friends on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have been receiving their books and getting very much into the Bossa spirit!


We’ve received many requests for the Bossa notebook to be made available for purchase and while we’re not quite there yet we do have 5 still on hand!  So I’m looking forward to giving away Bossa notebooks to 5 lucky readers!

Here’s how to enter.  Comment period ends, Friday March 29th:

1.  Read my original Bossa post and the New Year’s Post to get up to date 🙂
2.  Comment on this post and tell me how you have found your Bossa, who you feel is living with Bossa, how you hope to find your Bossa, etc.

So while we only have 5 notebooks to give away, we have a fun mailing to send each and every one of you who comment, so get reading and get commenting!!! XO