A Peek into the Studio – Art Deco, Positano Italy and Red Dahlias

This week’s favorites from the painting table are a varied bunch.  Each project holds so much sentimentality for its couple and family and we are honored to have brought these stories to life!  First up is Leigh’s Art Deco inspired wedding invitation.  A few photos of family heirlooms from Leigh are all we needed to begin.  I sketched a favorite brooch for it’s detailed design and round shape which translated effortlessly into this classic tiled pattern.  Hand painted dots and splashes of gold and gunmetal inks added over the top texture against the shimmer papers she chose.

Art Deco Brooch

Coleen is a lucky gal, headed to Positano, Italy as we speak for her wedding celebration.   Initially inspired by our White and Champagne Wedding Collection designed for The Knot, she wanted her very own contrast painted flower garden.  Lilies, roses, hydrangeas and gardenias adorned her seating plan, table names and escort cards all painted in milky white tones against champagne shimmer stocks.

My sketch of the iconic Amalfi coastline watercolored in vibrant tones…

Katie’s fall infused celebration highlighted her eclectic love of blooms and favorite travel spots.  Each table name featured a custom watercolor illustration.  Our favorites –  a slice of Old Forge Pizza and a tropical Bahamas landscape!  Free hand painted dahlias seem to explode (in a good way) across Katie’s seating plan.  Layer after layer of wine, red, gold and copper inks were applied to achieve depth in each petal.

So what am I up to?

Heading to NYC on Friday for my first Bridal Market!  Keep an eye out next week for our trend sketching series on the blog, reporting all the juicy details straight from the runway.  Can’t wait, follow me on twitter this weekend for live coverage.

Wrapping up details for my latest Inspired Ink shoot this Thursday with the help of talented photographer Jillian McGrathNot sure what Inspired Ink is all about? Take a look here.

Planning a little Birthday soiree for our dear Kelley.  Happy Birthday girl!!! XOXO