A Peek Into the Studio – A Modern Swirl Wedding Invitation

Earlier this year we had the chance to collaborate with Stephanie and Adam.  Their motto for wedding planning was to let the artists do what they do…like music to my ears!  My first chat with them was filled with learning details about their personal style as it related mostly to attire and from this I was able to draw inspiration for the sleek wedding invitation they envisioned.  This is how Stephanie described their style:

“Adam and I have a very interesting style that is a bit of a mixture of classically sophisticated and modern. Adam suggested describing our wedding attire to describe this more clearly. He is wearing a classic tuxedo, but he is not wearing a vest or cummerbund. His shirt will be modern cut (not a “tuxedo shirt”) and he will be wearing a more modern tie. Classic cufflinks, but gorgeously modern designer patent leather shoes. My dress…Classic lace with a very modern twist with the pleating.  Dark purple shoes to be determined!

From this I was able to vision a more sleek version of our Versailles Swirl artwork.  I love the play of tones with a use of shimmery eggplant and matte, super dark purple stocks.  The mix of textures and finishes add interest while the hint of Envelopments Kaleidescope pattern keeps the look from becoming too serious.  The clean vertical wrap that tied it all together was my favorite detail with a few swooshes of the brush here, the design was complete.

Many thanks to Aleah for sending this stylish couple our way!