A Momental Girl's Favorites – Steph

The studio is abuzz over our launch this week!  We are simply blown away by the support or respected bloggers, longtime friends and loving family!  Jackie from Merci New York said “her past designs were always gorgeous, but the new collection is tres-refined, elegant and so perfect for a New York City wedding.”  Janie from The Bride’s Cafe is always so kind and generous with her words so her post yesterday did noting short of make my day!!



Steph is a girl after my own heart.  She chose two favorites that are near and dear.  First the Mod Zion watercolor wedding invitation collection featuring an abstracted version of the Zion landscape and the Utah state flower, the Segoe Lily!


Next, a pure watercolor lovely from The Movements Collection inspired by none other than Monet!


Check back tomorrow for more favorites from The Momental Girls!