A Momental Girl Gets Married – The Proposal

Last time I introduced Steph, one of our newest Momental Girls who happens to be amidst planning her summer 2011 wedding celebration!!!  Have a look here to meet Steph (and Tyler) and read more about how they met!

Now onto the proposal!  I thought it best to let this story unfold in Steph’s own words:

The engagement story is a bit long but sweet. Simply put, he sent me on a perfectly tailored scavenger adventure. On the day before my birthday, Tyler promised me a spectacular present. On his way to pick me up, I received a phone call. His voice was on the other line, sounding short and handsome. “Walk downstairs, a message is waiting, your mission starts now.” As the line went dead, I could not have dashed down the stairs faster. I found a teal envelope with a yellow lily attached by a polka dotted ribbon. I flipped open the envelope to find a polaroid picture. In the photo was my adorable fiance standing on a sidewalk holding a large handmade sign with the word “I”. A riddle taped to the bottom of the polaroid read: “The next clue is where we had our first date, hurry up and get there it will be gone if you are late”

I drove out to the restaurant where we went for our first date and finally got the guts up to awkwardly ask the hostess if anything was dropped off for a Stephanie. She smiled and handed me another teal envelope with a yellow lily. I opened it up and again another photo, with another riddle. This time Tyler was standing in front of the restaurant with a sign that read “WILL”. The next clue lead to the place were we took our first photo together, which happened to be on Santa’s lap in the local mall. After visiting St Nick and his laughing bowl full of jelly, I received another teal envelope, Polaroid and clue. I was lead next to the site of a prank, and then to where we fell in love and finally to where we first met.

Once I received all five polaroids I realized the signs in the photos were spelling out nothing more adorable than: ” I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER”. When I got to a small building on the art campus of our college, the site of my fist drawing class and the place where I first met Tyler, he was standing on top of the hill next to the classroom under a large oak tree. He held a long wrapped package in the hands and smile was plastered across his face. I walked up to him, giving a large hug and spitting out questions like “What is all this?!” He told me he loved me. He smiled. He got down on one knee and pulled out a small box. He told me the last two years have been the best of his life and he wanted nothing more than to do the same thing over and over for the rest of his life. The rest is all yes’s and kisses. Oh and the long wrapped box he was holding? It was picture frame to display the polaroid scavenger engagement!

Pretty amazing right?  Tyler you are the cutest ever and bravo for putting that creative, artistic mind of yours to work creating the perfect proposal as far as I am concerned!!  Up next: The Save the Dates!