A Momental Girl Gets Married – The Last Two Days

It’s 10:30 on Friday night as I write this after spending two days preparing for Jess and Brad’s wedding, nearly falling asleep at the keyboard, from the most delicious type of exhaustion there is.  In just 9 short hours, we will be at it again bringing all the last minute details together, so I’ll keep it short.  Good things are happening tomorrow, and I’m proud to be part of it all.

Just about two years ago, Jess came to the studio for an invitation artist interview.  She lugged in random messy oil paintings, day of the dead sculptures and exquisite pencil sketched bugs and rodents.  How could I have known that just two years later all this messy, wonderful and often loud creative-ness would lead to all this?  It’s a wonderful life.

From top left: the fruits of my floral hobbiest labors, with the prettiest greens from FiftyFlowers.com, the detail driven Danielle (aka Dpnak, who dances in place when she concentrates!) checking her planner lists twice, Maggpie Vintage seating galore, and painted canvas as decor because, why not?

I’ve spent some time with some of my favorite people this week.  I feel like we are all part of this big, happy, there-is-a-wedding-happening-soon family; the energy at the auction barn was palpable the last few days.  And yes, you heard me right, Jess and Brad, yup, they’re getting hitched at an auction barn.

From top left: Brad and Jess, a scabiosa, ruscus and seeded eucalyptus corsage, a beautiful mess on the painting table, something Maggie from Maggpie Vintage probably doesn’t want to see (auction barn antics)!

All that aside though, my emotions are on high because this amazing couple, full of life and passion and unpredictability, is getting married tomorrow.  Since December, they wove together the symbolism of their hearts in the shape of paper, flowers, paintings, photos, suits and gowns, and tomorrow, their perfectly set stage will become the backdrop to the simplest and most powerful of words,  “I do”.