A Momental Girl Get’s Married – The Inspiration Board

Last I shared details about Jess’s wedding, it was all about the save the dates!  If you haven’t checked them out yet, definitely head here now…

This week I asked Jess to share a bit more about her planning from her own perspective.   Jess has an incredible style and quirky personality and don’t forget Jess is also a Real Bride Blogger over at The Knotty Bride if you are hungry for more.  Instead of focusing on a particular color palette Jess is visioning more of a texture palette, see more on that below.  Enjoy!

Hello there! Momental Girl Jess here!  As Kristy has told you I’m engaged and knee deep in wedding gooeyness. I know you recently got a peak at my specimen inspired save the dates and thought you might want a look into the rest of my menagerie. I’ve definitely acquired a turn of the century/Victorian inspiration with a bit of an organic, playful twist. There will be mis-matched vintage furnishings, green organic textures and a bit of whimsy all with a warehouse vibe. Think mad Victorian botanist gypsy.

I really want to create an atmosphere that will encourage my guests to roam around and explore the environment. An open space with pockets of interest that invite conversation over good food and spirits. And hopefully some dancing as well 🙂

Rustic textures like barn wood, aged metal and succulents will mix with delicate laces, soft moss and candle light. My color inspiration came naturally as I didn’t have any predetermined “colors”. So really anything goes… but mostly neutrals with pops of green and dusty red. Had to throw red in there some where as honey bunny is insisting on a red Dracula-esque vest. Yah win some, yah loose some.

Luckily I’m surrounded by talented and inspiring people which may just make this whole thing possible to pull off! Wish me luck!