A Momental Girl Gets Married – Photography by Beulah

Remember Steph, our very own Momental Girl getting married this year!? To get caught up on her planning adventures check here and here.
I will be sharing more and more as the weeks go on; everything from their movie poster save the date to the venue and invitation design.  First up though,  is an interview with their photographer!  Steph and Tyler wanted someone to capture moments, emotions and leave traditional posed shots in the dust.  One big request that both would not budge on was the use of Polaroid film in addition to digital.   Steph and Tyler were exacting in their search for the perfect photographer.  Their tenacity paid off when they found Beulah.

I had the chance to interview Beulah…read on.

What inspires you the most on a daily basis?

On a daily basis I’m inspired by certain colours, garments, decor & a persons natural features/movement.  I could wrap my mind with ideas all day based on those things.  Some favorite blogs of mine are Girl meets NYC where images withwith a dreamy like quality that I do enjoy are posted.  SF Girl by Bay has a bunch of pretty little things too.

Nerves on the wedding day play a huge role, how do you help your couples combat this?

If ever I’m dealing with a nervous couple, I try to be as personable as possible with my clients to make the mood lighter.
The couple should both know that everyone including myself is there for them on their day. I never want them to feel like I’m just a stranger in the room
simply there to take photos. Some brides are more talkative & have even asked me to help put their head pieces on the right way.
I have no qualms, as long as it doesn’t interfere with a good capture!

Who is your favorite painter and why?

I can’t say I have a favorite painter & claim to like their collection entirely, but I can say that Andrew Wyeth’s , Christina’s World is one of my favorites.

Choose a favorite photograph taken by yourself and tell us why it is so.

I like both of these photographs because it captures the personality of both Angela (Bride) & Nathan (Groom).
and their sense of style. They compliment one another.
Each celebration has it’s own personality and spirit.  What about this wedding had you most excited?

This wedding means a lot to me on many different levels. The bride & groom are good friends of mine, they hired me to shoot their wedding and it was around the time my business took off.  It was a sentimental, personal backyard wedding with whimsical decor, perfect natural lighting & atmosphere.   It was featured in brides magazine, multiple wedding blogs & coming this September it will be featured in a book.  I felt really honored to have played an important role on their big day.  Take a look here to see the full gallery of images as seen on Once Wed!

Choose a favorite photograph taken by someone you admire and tell us why it is so.
This is a photograph taken by my best friend Elizabeth Mctague.  Our friendship stems from polaroids & photo shoots.  The majority of her photos are taken with a film camera. I’m a huge sucker for natural light & a romantic setting.  This photo sends a rush of good feeling when I look at it. If I were a photograph I would be this one.
Thanks so much Beula for sharing!  We cannot wait to see the magic you make for Steph and Tyler.