My Story is Art – Engage!12 at the Mandarin Oriental Part II

So I have a story for you and not the kind of story you might expect to hear after I’ve been at a fabulously orchestrated, glam conference in Las Vegas.  As on onlooker you may think our days are filled with all that is beautiful, creative and just plain wonderful.  I must admit, I have […]


A Peek into the Studio – Red Rose Letterpress Wedding Invitations

Here at the Momental Studio we are all about experimentation, trying something new and just diving into projects to see where they take us!  A while back the lovely Saakshi contacted us.  She loved our lush style, patterns and sense of color.  She wasn’t exactly sure what that meant in terms of a design for […]


Renewal Inspirations – A Zion palette

With all the Holiday madness and wrapping up last minute 2009 orders the renewal planning took a back seat.  I am sure most brides can relate to this as January 1st comes and goes you inevitably have the “oh, you know what” moment when the realization of planning to-do lists grows in your mind! Since […]