My Story is Art – Leafy Watercolor Patterns and Botticelli’s Nursery

I’ve said it before, so bear with me friends…

{painting is my heartbeat}

In the early years of Momental it was difficult to find time to paint just for me;whatever was inspiring me most as I had no employees and did all the work by my lonesome.  Things have changed a bit now and I collaborate with the most amazing team that allows me to do what I do best.

In these cold, winter months I tend to be a bit of a home body – where a night of painting is just as enjoyable as anything else I can imagine.

{Painting stops time for me and sends me spiraling into a quiet place I only visit with a brush in hand.}

Recently I’ve been reaching out to my Instagram friends to help me choose some photo-graphical inspiration for my next paintings.  If you want to follow along check out #kristypaints on Instagram

I’m cherishing these quiet painting times as my life is soon to change quiet dramatically, all in the good ways though…Scroll down to the last pattern in the post to get an idea of the big changes coming!

Oh how I wish for you all to have experiences that stop time, if you have them what are they?

{A peek at the #kristypaints and #ourjourneytobabyblooms feeds below}

Inspired by the epic floral designer Sarah Winward
Hey Gorgeous Events Instagram feed is one I stalk often…guess where I found the inspiration for this beauty?
watercolor-leaves pattern
Leaves and more leaves
It’s often the pieces I’m not so jazzed about that get the most attention. This one felt smushy (for lack of a better word) so I added some late pencil.
These elements hold a special place in my heart and you will know why if you follow me on Instagram. #ourjourneytobabyblooms