Press – The Painter’s Wedding in Destination I Do Magazine

I travel friends, a lot apparently and 2015 was quite possibly the tie breaker year for my globetrotting urges.  Combine a love to adventure on a moment’s notice with a looming book deadline calling me to find exotic locations to shoot in and write about and there you have it…my craziest travel schedule to date.  We began in early September and landed right smack dab in the middle of December (and with a babe in my arms nonetheless).  Montana, France, Switzerland, West Virginia and then Texas…Yup all in a matter of two months.

Today though is a diary post of my wandering obsession, it is a glimpse into the wold of Yellowstone National Park as seen through an artist’s eye and a photographer’s lens. In the most recent issue of Destination I Do Magazine you will find a peek into the heart, soul and love that is being poured into my fourth book titled “The Painter’s Wedding”.  To get in on the story behind this project, have a look on instagram here to get caught up.

And of course look on to see more from The Painter’s Wedding in Destination I Do Magazine…

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Art in Yellowstone
Sarah’s Narrative Part One + Two

We were hosted by the folks at Yellowstone Under Canvas…so we camped in style. Literally, we had feather down beds, exotic rugs in our canvas tents and hardwood furniture!
Being most inspired by the colorful pools that Yellowstone is known for, you can clearly see where my inspiration grew from.
Oh Claire Pettibone gown, how can you look perfect in a 18th century ballroom and in the mud too? I adore you.
Watercolor + Whipped hand painted cookies = beautiful yum!
I can’t even begin to explain how much I adore these crazy reflective copper menus.
Old Faithful is erupting in painting here. Look closely.
Like a letter written to a best friend.
The seating cards on wood and then dip dyed in blues and greens