My Story is Art – Monet and A Field of Poppies

Last week I introduced a new blogging series not so much out of planning but of necessity.  Read the post here to learn more about what I will now call the My Story is Art series!

My inbox was very happy this week.  Whenever an email comes from Daniel Lanton I am sure to be a happy girl.  Daniel recently came out to the studio for a  last minute shoot for a very special project you will hear more about at the end of this year.  I had this grand idea to re-create on of my favorite Monet paintings, A Field of Poppies.  The translation of this epic work of art was not meant to be literal but instead pay homage to the more fun and playful elements of the artist’s vision.

We painted nearly 15 canvases with bold, splashy flowers and filled my favorite vases with loads of red blooms.  Of course poppies are not in season so gladiolas and snapdragons were the perfect replacement.  Daniel scattered us and the flowers about in the field behind our studio and the rest came to life organically.  We all had a blast and let Daniel bring the idea home; the result were imags I will treasure forever.