Originally designed for a project with The Brides Guide and a team from Martha Stewart Weddings, this look has always held a special place in my heart.  Coppery glistens next to gold and putty like hue’s combine effortlessly in this suite.  Some parts modern and understated, other parts romantic and delicate, this hand painted wedding invitation suite could find a place with any eclectic-minded couple.

Many of you are very familiar with our Muddy Brushes gallery as it is the place where our most current projects are shared.  It is the place where the real story of our artful designs are told.  You have the chance to see where each design begins and ends with all the loveliness in between.  We’ve created a community of sorts where each bride finds herself inspired by the next; drawing ideas for wording, unique paper combinations and artwork concepts. 

The Momental Girls all have a unique voice and theirs are the food for much of the design thought you see in this gallery.  Wouldn’t it be fun to see each week what Momental creation is inspiring the team the most or old favorites that have gone unnoticed?  Yes, I think so.  So I’ve decided to introduce a new post, exclusive to the Muddy Brushes gallery aptly named “House Favorites”.  Enjoy!