Inspirations – Momental for Paloma’s Nest

Momental for Palomas Nest
It is with great excitement that we are introducing our long-awaited collaboration with the masterful artists from Paloma’s Nest, Caroline and José Vásquez.

Tiny Text Bowl Hand Painted Palomas Nest
Debuting this week at  Engage!14 -a luxury wedding industry symposium-with the sample tiny text bowls shown above, our collaboration will be titled Momental for Paloma’s Nest: Timeless Heirlooms…Painted!

Hellebore Tiny Text Bowl from Palomas Nest
The collection will include three styles of the iconic Ring Bearer Bowl, each with a different phrase or text; each phrase will feature one of our meticulously hand painted designs- floral, wash, or pattern.

Stay tuned to see them in both shops beginning on June 23!