Behind the Scenes – A Johnny Cash Wedding with Paloma's Nest and Friends

There are moment when your life shifts.  Usually these are small moments when big change is least expected but most likely.  Saying yes to an idea or just being in the moment with an welcoming mind can open doors to so much good.

I’ve said it before. One of the great joys of this business are the people.  Our couples, the artists I share each day with and the fellow industry talents I call friends.  This story is about those friends.

In November of 2009 I hopped a flight to join Lara Casey and team in celebration of Southern Weddings V2.  In an innocent car ride to dinner after meeting up with then twitter friend Caroline of Paloma’s Nest, an idea found its voice.  A certain song came on the radio…the deep, dark, velvety sound of Johnny Cash’s voice filled the space and in a moment Caroline said, “we need to do a Walk the Line shoot”.  Oh yes.

The plan immediately took shape and soon after the launch party we were both back in our studios with shoot plans well underway.  Caroline and I with different aesthetics found a way to work together that was both energizing and enlightening.  Soon I was buying plane tickets for a week-long trip to Austin last March.

Over the next few days I will be sharing more about our collaboration which we lovingly called the “Walk the Line Shoot”.   This experience quickly became so much more than staging stunning wedding details…it became more about reaching out of the box of daily life to find kindred spirits.  It was about making art together and offering up smart ideas to couples that are truly accessible in so many ways.

Sharing the details has been a long time coming.  This industry certainly teaches patience 🙂 First up is a look at the inspiration board that started it all!

Hymnal, Johnny Cash, Chandelier in Garden, Dress, Carnival Glass, Cabin, Flowers

Concept sketch

The labor of love this shoot became was recently featured in Southern Weddings Magazine V3.  So many more goodies to come in my series of posts including never-before-seen shots!  Can’t wait to see more?  Check out Caroline’s interview of the Etsy blog OR read more about my time in Austin here!