A Peek into the Studio – Tropical B’nai Mitzvah Invitations

Claire planned an over the top celebration for her twins’ B’nai Mitzvah.  First a trek to Jamaica where Alanna and A.J. were called to the Torah and then the big party at home.  These lavishly painted invitation set the tone for a sophisticated yet tropical inspired affair!

From the invitation and maps to the artwork tags and reply card there were hundreds of brushstrokes on each of these beauties.  Creamy inks mixed with shimmer in shades of gold, ivory, green, coral and taupe.

Jess and Stephanie labored over this watercolor map, complete with a detailed painting of a vintage compass.  Ivory painted touches were even added to the retro font for a big pop off the page.

The suite at an impressive 6×9 size was all about making a big statement while becoming a keepsake for each who receives!

Meticulous brushstrokes captured palm fronds, various shells, and Plumeria blooms throughout.

Even the framework that surrounds the text was touched with hand painted color.  When dry the texture felt creates a unique invitation experience, where you can actually sense the work and love infused into each piece.

Thank you Claire for the chance to create this magical stationery! XO