A Peek into the Studio – Pink Peony Wedding

This year I feel like Peony season just slipped through my fingers.  This magical bloom, the muse of so many artists and designers is only with us for a short time.  Luckily Janie Medley paid homage to the big and bountiful peony and allowed me a moment to linger a bit with the flower I would say I love to paint best.  I never tire of the precarious way each petal rests atop the next.  How some varieties peek a yellow tendril-like center to the world as a bold surprise amongst blushy billows.  I never tire of finding a new way to hold my brush to capture a petal in one precious swoop.  I never tire.  This bloom…

A palette of tan, white and a shade called Sea Shell.  A grace of pattern from my work with Envelopments… Trellis brought a botanical quality to the suite. 

Simplicity graces the table as the peony takes the cake…pun intended.

Thick, creamy inks were painted atop the softest whisper of blush cardstock.  A touch of shimmer mixed into the paint to conjure a glistening trickle of sunlight across each petal.

The whites, the pinks and golden touches all individually hand painted on this peony wedding invitation suite lent a certain crispness against the tan flecked stock.

A bloom like this opens the mind and makes me want to paint on the biggest canvas I can find, all that I see so clearly.

Thank you Janie for always bringing blooms more alive for me and to Amelia Johnson for capturing every last lovely moment.

Stylist – Dana Fitzgerald